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The Sony WH-1000x Mark 3 sets a new benchmark in regards to customer headphones. Its sound cancellation prowess drowns out jet engines and crying babies, the battery lasts over a day of continuous playback over Bluetooth and the sound signature is highly tweakable through the companion program. Here is the best sound cancelling headset you can buy right now.

Sony WH-1000XM3: Detailed Review
Sony has had a rather interesting image when it comes to audio products. Lately, the company has been attempting to appeal to the audiophile crowd, and a product that had rapidly gained plenty of admiration was the WH-1000x, the provider’s wireless headphones with Active Noise Cancellation. The 1000x Mark 2 attracted significant updates to the first, using a more lasting battery life and better sound cancellation. Sony has released the WH-1000x Mark 3, a headphone which appears to bring very little in the way of upgrades.

What’s in the Box
The Sony WH-1000x Mark 3 is definitely made keeping the traveller in mind. Along with the headset, the electrical box also comes with a travel case, within which you will get a more 3.5mm balanced cable, and a USB Type-C cable for charging your headphone and a converter which will allow you to plug the headphones into the audio output found on-board many aeroplanes.


Display Size: 40mm, Dome Sort
Frequency Response (over Bluetooth): 20 Hz–20,000 Hz (44.1 kHz Sampling)/ / 20 Hz–40,000 Hz (LDAC 96 kHz Sampling, 990 kbps
Frequency Response (Lively ): 4Hz-40,000Hz
NFC: Yes
Impedance: 47 ohms (1 kHz) (when connecting via the headphone cable with the device turned on), 16 ohms (1 kHz) (when connecting through the headset cable with the unit turned off)

Construct and Design

Even the Sony WH-1000x Mark 3 is distinctively different compared to its predecessors. The black pair we obtained for inspection had the logo and mic cut-outs using a deep aluminum trim to distinguish them in the body while giving it quite a superior look. Even the headband itself has also transformed in two different ways, but you’ll only notice one of these. The one that you would see is the much plush padding on the upper band which adds a lot of comfort when it is on your mind for long hours. The second layout change is something others are going to see when you’re wearing this pair of cans. The headband now wraps a great deal nearer to the side of the wearer’s face compared to the Mark 2, which includes a more rotund around the sides, creating a unpleasant bulge. Even the WH-1000x Mark 3 sit flush with the head, both on top and on either side, eliminating the bizarre gap.

Other design and construct aspects remain more or less same. The power button, sound cancellation/ambient button along with the 3.5mm headphone jack remainder onto one earcup while the USB-C charging interface sits on the bottom of the other. The charging port is completely exposed, which makes me a little nervous. By way of example, during my recent flight to London, I’d eliminated the headset from my had and placed it upon the tray. Sooner or later, the passenger next to me personally my glass of water causing a spill could could have also made its way inside the vulnerable port.

1 thing about utilizing the WH-1000x Mark 3 that has become very apparent is that this is a very comfortable pair of headphones to utilize. I wore the headphones during the entirety of my trip from Delhi to London, to get a couple hours listening to music and watching films, and to get some time, simply to cancel out the noise of the one crying infant who happened to be one row above. Throughout the time, the headphones felt like an extremely comfortable attachment round my head. My ears did not get too hot either, but this might be more to do with the air conditioning in the aircraft. The main point isthis is a remarkably comfortable pair of cans for everyday and elongated hour use.

Audio Performance
You wouldn’t need to wear a pair of cans if they did not sound good. In reality, you probably wouldn’t even buy one for that issue. In short, yes, however there are a few caveats. We analyzed the headphone with an iPhone XS along with also a Samsung Galaxy Notice 9, both over Bluetooth and using the enclosed 3.5millimeter cable. Here is what we concluded.

The moment the music starts to play, you’ll feel the bass-heavy prejudice of the cans. But this is not the boomy, looseout of control bass which appeals to bass-heads. The bass comes with a tight reply, using the low frequencies not bleeding into the mids or the highs. My playlist for analyzing the 1000x Mark 3 comprised plenty of music spanning the range of digital, psy-trance, stone, metal, rap and even some soda (Bollywood included). For those who love music that would generally be classified as”digital,” you are going to enjoy the bass-biased tuning. If a monitor has that deep, guttural bass which dubstep is infamous for (like Rutten from Skream), expect to have your eardrums rattled from the interior. In case the bass becomes too out of control, you can always tune down things using Sony’s Headphone Connect program. For those with a love for rock and all things rebellious, the WH-1000x Mark 3 provide an above average experience from the box, but a quick tweak to the EQ employing the headset connect program and you’ll once more find yourself basking in the brightness of their cymbals and high-hats of the drums. This was particularly true for Metallica’s rendition of Saint Anger and King Nothing. Similarly for those who love pop music or even more string-instrument heavy songs, the EQ will help you attain the ideal balance of sound. While it’s several presets, you also get to save two custom presets also, allowing for incredible flexibility with audio. It also offers great stereo separation and enables each instrument (or tone) to express its identity, provided you tweak the EQ for your liking

Noise Cancellation Performance
Let’s return to the visit to London. Seated on a chair that would be considered”on the wing” along with a very distressed baby on a single side, the Sony WH-1000x Mark 3 actually had its work cut out to it. As someone who cannot fall asleep with noise around, I was actually expecting for the Sony to emerge, and encounter they did. Slipping those soft earcups on my earlobes and there’s a surprising sense of vacuum being made round the ear. If you have never used a noise cancelling headphone before, the sensation might strike you as…strange, but you do get used to it fairly quick. Four hours of virtually no directional input later, when the cans came off for a short amount of time, it felt like the noise was intolerable. I wanted to sink into the soft sound-free world I had become cocooned in. It felt wonderful and I didn’t wish to leave.

The Sony WH-1000x Mark 3 could have just stopped in the incredible noise cancellation, but it doesn’t. The Active sound Cancellation can be tuned via 20 intensity points, allowing the use of these headphones to extend past situations where you want to block most of noises out. By way of example, if you’re riding on the subway and do not want to miss the announcements, you can tune in the noise-cancellation to some lesser degree. There is also an Ambient Sound Control manner that finds the human body position (sitting ( walking) and accordingly adjusts the noise cancellation level.

Battery Performance

Sony claims that the WH-1000x Mark 3 should give 30 hours of playback with all the bells and whistles. In my use, I managed to get about 24 hours of music playback Bluetooth. The charge time is roughly 3 weeks, which is not too big a deal. It is not a full 30 hours, however it’s very damn near.

Gesture Performance

The perfect earcup of this Sony WH-1000x Mark 3 has a touch-sensitive surface that enables an assortment of essential functions. Swiping left or right adjustments monitors while swiping up and down changes the volume. The gestures aren’t as fluid as we’ve become to accustomed to thanks to our smartphones, but when done with deliberation, they receive the results. Probably the most useful attribute is that if you place your hands on the ideal earcup, the headset turns off the sound cancellation and contrasts the music. This is extremely useful if you’re using them at work and a colleague unexpectedly comes your responsibility to have a conversation. This attribute works perfectly, and you’d be glad to get it.


The Sony WH-1000x Mark 3 is a very second refinement of its predecessor, and it’s no longer available. The noise economy works wonders and is undoubtedly one of the best there is in the market at the moment, and yes, that is also accounting for the Bose QC-35 may perform. For the best time, Bose’s QC series has held that the enviable status of being a traveller’s best companion. Well, the Sony WH-1000x Mark 3 is definitely gunning for that title and in all honesty, that is a much better alternative of both.

Updated: February 21, 2019 — 7:08 pm

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