OnePlus 6T Review and Price in India

Even the OnePlus 6T is fundamentally the OnePlus 6 with an inferior top notch, bigger battery along with an in-display fingerprint sensor. It doesn’t sound right for the present users for the OnePlus 6 to upgrade at all, but if you should be on a elderly OnePlus phone, this is something to look out for. The 64GB version is not offered by the organization, or so the base price is now higher. Additionally, it is about pure speed which no other Android flagship arrives close to. It is simply the Apple devices that seem to be more faster in both benchmarks and daily usage, but they cost more than double the cost of this OnePlus 6T. However, in the event that you’re planning to purchase a high-end phone mostly for gambling, you might save your money and choose the Poco F1. If you’re searching for high-end smartphone with an outstanding display and incredible sound output, the LG G7+ ThinQ is the one to get. The OnePlus 6T can be actually a sensible upgrade for those that need the incredible speed and the amazing battery life, along with being okay with ‘above-average’ of everything . It’s not in any respect disappointing a disappointing smartphone, however, definitely lacks a few of the bells and whistles found on other smartphones in the price tag, such as the LG G-7 + ThinQ. OnePlus is not any longer alone playing the flagship killer match, and that is a wonderful thing for us, the consumers.

OnePlus 6T: Step by Step Review

Right before beginning this review, it is necessary to say the OnePlus 6T is not worthwhile considering upgrading to if you already own the OnePlus 6. This despite there has been a lot of things in the OnePlus 6T to make the present users of its own predecessor jealous. The OnePlus 6T is supposed for its OnePlus 5T and sometimes even the OnePlus 3T users to purchase. In a lot of ways, the second-half starts of this organization has been demonstrated to be very future-forward as the next summer launching only builds on the new features and attempts to cater to the early trends. Even the OnePlus 6 took the taller 18:9 display of the OnePlus 5T and put a notch onto it (I wouldn’t call it an upgrade in the slightest though) as the OnePlus 5T took the double cameras of their OnePlus 5 and also did something fresh with it (perhaps not necessarily a marked improvement, again). That is the pattern I’ve been discovering from the corporation’s launches over the season and also the OnePlus 6T is no different.

The OnePlus 6T carries the nearly bezel-less panel and carries it up a notch. Why, you may ask? Because that’s what’s trending that is the reason why. As the OnePlus 6T is an evolutionary step from the OnePlus 6, but additionally, it is like something reactionary. Quite possible.

Much a lot more than being reactionary, the OnePlus 6T also faces a hazard it itself helped create in the form of additional flagship killers (and even out and out flagships) offered at prices same or even lower compared to it. As soon as it’s easy to just consider the OnePlus 6 and also comment what has improved at the OnePlus 6T, the current market is quite a bit bigger, even though OnePlus has been hailed as the numero uno from the superior segment. Bearing this in mind, let us begin.


1 way to sum up the OnePlus 6T will be by simply borrowing lines from the late Steve Jobs. “Don’t fix what ain’t busted .” The OnePlus 6T looks ditto such as the OnePlus 6 until you look closer. Incremental changes is that the running theme of this device, and also in the design aspect, the OnePlus 6T can be a bit thicker and heavier, while the bezels round the display are shaved off even more. The clearest changes (I’m not calling them upgrades), would be the notch that has shrunk in size and the fingerprint sensor currently being removed. The rest of the look is merely the like the OnePlus 6.

3 d glass onto the trunk delivers a polished texture to the device. It tapers softly across the edges offering a better grip. The horizon line OnePlus wants to talk about is also maintained and you can see the shiny white line if you hold the apparatus at eye-level. The camera bump is currently slightly lesser, in comparison with the OnePlus 6, and the OnePlus logo has shifted up choosing the place of the fingerprint detector. The aluminium framework is quite study and you’ll have to employ a lot of force to flex this phone. The switch arrangement is likewise exactly the exact same and you do obtain the alert slider that shifted to the right as the OnePlus 6. For a user, it’s absolutely handy, but for some body left-handed (like me)it takes a few finger acrobatics to reach and operate. It doesn’t always have an IP rating, though the LG G-7 + ThinQ, an in depth rival has both IP68 water proofing and Mil-Spec rated durability.

Front is your display that uses up 85.6 percentage of the body with nearly negligible bezels on either side. The screen is strengthened with Corning Gorilla Glass 6 and can be just one of the first smartphones in India to achieve that. Also, in an attempt to fit a bigger battery and also the in-display fingerprint detector, the 3.5mm headphone jack has been given the boot. This creates the OnePlus 6T the most up-to-date in a long lineup of other smartphones to do precisely the exact same, and honestly, it’s infuriating. Headphone jacks continue to be needed, at least in some country like India that can be among the very profitable markets for OnePlus. You do receive a dongle at the box, however that will be easily lost or worse, split. Fact of the matter is it to make full use of the OnePlus 6T, you are going to either have to invest in a USB-Type C earphones (which limits its versatility) or a pair of wireless headphones (that includes its own issues including a limited sum of battery life).

Also, following the OnePlus 6 because a daily driver ever since its launching, I kept reaching to the trunk of the telephone to unlock the device for its first couple of days. I’m imagining it will be the same to OnePlus 5T users well because this has been the first time OnePlus changed the detector to the back.

If you leave out the lack of the headphone jack, the OnePlus 6T is equally like hardy and sexy whilst the OnePlus 6, even though keeping it looking pristine can be a undertaking. It will only be offered in just two black colour variants — Midnight Black and Mirror Black, for the time being, which OnePlus claims has been probably the most selling version of their OnePlus 6. We received that the Mirror Black variant of the smartphone, and like its predecessor, it has quite the smudge magnet. Sweat fingerprints, marks, grease — Everything sticks to it like moths on lamps also it isn’t quite easy to remove them. The midnight black variation features a matte-like feel which does away with all the problems.

Despite everything, I do just like the OnePlus 6T’s design. It seems good in the hand. The added weight also assists in utilizing the phone with one hand. Overall the OnePlus 6T feels just as premium as the different flagships, some thing that cannot be said concerning the Poco f 1.


The OnePlus 6T includes a larger 6.41-inch Optic AMOLED display which is both bigger and clearly superior than the one on the OnePlus 6. Now better is subjective, but the OnePlus 6T’s panel does look a great deal richer and more vibrant than the main one on the OnePlus 6. The OnePlus 6 in turn improved the panel over the OnePlus 5T, if you are planning to upgrade to the OnePlus 6T, then you’ll be better off. The display is much bigger chiefly because of the more compact notch on the telephone. It’s far more bearable than the thing that was to the OnePlus 6, but it’s still rather tolerable. The notch is now shaped as being a waterdrop in lieu of a valley, leaving lots of space on top to your status bar icons. One of my colleagues actually despised the OnePlus 6 for hiding essential information like online speed within the drop-down menu, although OnePlus 6T had room enough to show it to the statusbar, OxygenOS decided to maintain it because it is, and it would be a bummer. The more compact elite signifies things had to be removed and OnePlus chose to provide the LED notification light the boot up. While I personally don’t care about the led-light thinking about the Always On display more than makes up for it, people are giving OnePlus considerable despair for it.

They truly are also arranged inside the diamond pentile arrangement, which makes them more densely packed with them. The result is added sharpness . however, it’s unlikely you’ll notice it. The display supports sRBG along with DCI-P3 colour gamut. The company offers a flexible mode as well that chooses the ideal display calibration depending on what you are watching. They pop out. But, tweak the colour temperature bar on both phones plus it is going to be clear that the OnePlus 6T comes with a taste of cooler temperatures, that is odd considering AMOLED panels are generally over the warmer side.

All things said and done, it’s fun to see videos or read text on your OnePlus 6T. The reading manner turns the display into Cherry imitating an e-ink display which I especially like. The notch mechanically hides itself when you’re watching a video or playing a game, however, perhaps not once you are turning right to an image or reading an article. You can of course hide it by hand from the settings.

Performance and applications

It is fast, therefore was the OnePlus 6, of course if you’ve applied the latter you may not feel any difference whatsoever. What’s interesting is the way that OnePlus have claimed the rate even at the new applications the OnePlus 6T comes loaded with. It runs on Android 9.0 Pie out from this box, also it will be offering the pill-shaped gesture navigation button together side OnePlus’ own gestures. I favor the former because it’s much easier to get used to, however both are super sleek and quick. Only that the full screen gestures changes the keyboard and typing unexpectedly becomes a nightmare.

The OnePlus 6T relies on the Snapdragon 845 for performance, but the rate is more for its applications optimisations it has made. It employs the considerable amounts of RAM to pre-cache programs so that they launch faster, the touch latency is lower and the animations are smoother and faster. This lends to the illusion that the device is fast. I did face some app crashes with Messenger, Instagram crashing which would be repaired at the upcoming few updates. The OnePlus 6T also received upgrades very often. Within a week of using the phone, I purchased two upgrades, all around 400MB. While you may think that is because OnePlus enjoys to keep things upgraded, ” I believe that the application isn’t fully ready and demands constant bug fixes.

OnePlus also tried something new with the optical in-display fingerprint sensor on the OnePlus 6T. It’s placed at the reduced section of the display. Every time you pick up the phone, the screen warms up, lighting up the fingerprint sensor so it’s simple to locate. Once you put your finger on itemits a strong greenlight that’s used to scan the second ridges on your finger . OnePlus asserted to be the speediest in-display implementation of their technician, also for the large part, it’s authentic. It’s definitely more responsive what we saw on the Vivo X21. Sometimes it would take too much time to unlock and sometimes it would not work whatsoever. But when it does, it does it around a second. Further, if you have face UN Lock empowered, you’d barely get the time to scan your finger while the face-recognition is simply blazing fast. Occasionally, one had to stop and wonder why if the Face UN Lock feature was even scanning our head.

The former makes enormous apps like matches launching faster as the latter frees up the CPU and RAM to offer better gameplay performance. The OnePlus 6 has been already one of the best mobiles to play games such as PubG Mobile on and the OnePlus 6T is not any different. There is hardly any jitter or drops in frame speeds as compared to all of those other flagship phones I have used to playwith, for instance, super expensive samsung-galaxy Note 9. In addition, it heats up much lower. The OnePlus 6 failed, after a long gaming session. This one doesn’t. Gamebench data shown the OnePlus 6T had a median framework speed of 40 fps on PubG Mobile with a reliable variability indicator of 1.27. The Poco f 1 is every bit as proficient at offering stable and smooth gameplay.


Like the hardware under the hood, nearly nothing has changed from the camera . The OnePlus 6T continues to use the exact same 16+20MP double sensor setup where the secondary 20MP detector still feels like a gimmick. It’s just used for capturing thickness info and according to OnePlus, for faster auto focus which is unlikely. The main 16MP currently gets by with a little help from AI. There’s face light in portrait mode and a fresh Nightscape manner to capture better lowlight photos. Both new features may also make their approach to the OnePlus 6 and there are nothing separating the two mobiles in terms of camera caliber.


The OnePlus 6T, such as it’s predecessor has a tendency to shoot photos which are very impartial in nature. It’s neither too bloated nor overly bland. The colour balance is not quite perfect as you can see from the photo above. It was taken during early hours of the day when sunlight was not too unpleasant and the heat isn’t all that high. The facts in the shadows are also well-preserved. For example, just about all the mobile at that segment would utilize their algorithms to smoothen the details in the wall in the photo below, nevertheless the OnePlus 6T keeps it, and type of enhances it. It’s nearly the same as the OnePlus 6, with only slight improvements in the event that you are pixel peeping.

The OnePlus 6T can be quite effective in handling indoor lighting. There are hardly any flares from light sources even when you are displaying a way from them. It can also draw out details from the shadows fairly nicely. It’s basically the same since the results in the OnePlus 6.


It’s possible to shoot low-light photos in both regular mode and in the brand new nightscape fashion. In regular mode, the performance is merely the same as the OnePlus 6, nevertheless once the Nightscape manner kicks in, it’s noticeably brighter and sharper. We did a very detailed article on just what the nightscape does to photos. It is the the first-time OnePlus has advertised its own use of both AI and ML from the telephone. To compensate for that shake (despite the fact that there’s both OIS and EIS in the camera), the camera will be shooting multiple buffer pictures between and stitching them together to build a stabilised shot. The feature is once again not exclusive to this OnePlus 6T and the recent OxygenOS 9.0.2 upgrade additionally introduced it to the OnePlus 6.

Portrait Mode

Here again OnePlus is doing something brand new. It’s essentially borrowing some calculations from its cousins from Oppo and Vivo and applying several light filters on the faces to make them appear more vibrant. The background blur is pretty much exactly the exact same while the OnePlus 6. If you aren’t holding the phone stable, it’s easy to find yourself a rickety photograph though. The facial lighting characteristic is only accentuating the colours of the face, probably using the same HDR algorithms. You just look somewhat fairer, however perhaps not like the way the Oppo and Vivo phones are doing.


The 16MP sensor up-front is again borrowed from the OnePlus 6 and here nothing much has really changed. Like from the OnePlus 6, the selfies turn out well-detailed also it’d have been nicer if the subject of opinion was wider to fit in more individuals. However, it is possible to always snap a good deal of selfies in lower time as the cam is truly fast.


One of the largest problems I had with all the OnePlus 6 was its battery life. The 3,300mAh battery it would drain very fast and when you are into gaming regularly, it would be tricky to really make the battery last the complete day. Ofcourse the superfast Dash Charger helped top up the phone in no time, however I’d have had to plug this in the evening. The OnePlus 6T changes that with a larger 3,700mAh batterypowered. Increase that Android 9.0 Pie’s Adaptive Battery and the telephone easily continues more than a day and then some. However, in this scenario, I’m inclined to rely on this metric as when I used the OnePlus 6T because my chief whilst within the recently concluded Indian Mobile Congress replete with taking pictures, quick lookups on the internet, doing face-book Lives as well as keeping the hot spot on to the better part of the evening, the battery percentage at the conclusion of your day was at 4-8 per cent. You also get the bundled Dash Charger that tops up 50 per cent of their phone in around 20 minutes, that can be mad.


Even the OnePlus 6T is basically the OnePlus 6 with a smaller top notch, bigger battery along with also an in-display fingerprint detector. It doesn’t make sense for the users to your own OnePlus 6 to upgrade at all, but when you’re on an older OnePlus phone, this is some thing to be on the lookout for. Even the 64GB version is not offered by the corporation, so the bottom price is now higher. It’s also all about pure speed which no other Android flagship comes close to. It is only the Apple devices that seem to be faster in both benchmarks and daily use, however they cost more than double the purchase price of this OnePlus 6T. But if you are likely to purchase a high-end phone mostly for gambling, you can save money and buy the Poco F1. If you are looking for high end smartphone having an outstanding display and incredible audio output, the LG G7+ ThinQ could be usually the one to get. Even the OnePlus 6T can be a sensible upgrade for those that need the extraordinary speed and the incredible battery life, combined with being okay with ‘above-average’ of everything else. It isn’t in any respect disappointing a disappointing smartphone, but definitely lacks a few of the bells and whistles available on other mobiles at this price, such as the LG G-7 + ThinQ. OnePlus is not any longer the only one playing the flagship killer match, and that’s a wonderful thing for us, the users.

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