PUBG MOBILE VIKENDI SNOW MAP v0.10 and Trick to get free. UC Cash click to know more.

PUBG mobile version v0.10  Vikendi snow map.

PUBG mobile v0.10 update will also bring the ability to engage in snow bring the ability to engage in snow fights on Spawn island for the vikendi map.

PUBG mobile is the most popular mobile game of 2018 and this game is ready to receive massive update. With version v0.10 update, PUBG will receive a new vikendi snow map, snow mobile, a new weapon and much more will happen.

The new PUBG map vikendi is going to perform just like other maps. New map of the game vikendi is very well adapted, and even mid – level mobile phones can handle the map without any problems. Using low poly textur and property helps your mobile phone to get a good frame rate.

Battleground Mobile snow Map vikendi will include a new vehicle, The snow mobile and it’s fairness that it will be included in the mobile version of the map because we already get one to use PUBG mobile beta.

All of will also experience the new dynamic clouds of snow map vikendi

• New snow map called vikendi ,6×6 map The size between Arangel and sunhook.on the spawn Island for vehicle to roam this map.

• Main menu will also be based on themes after snow and players will be able to collect bells from classic mode matches and exchange them for rewards and event centers.

• Especially the update also comes with cross severe matchmaking which means that players can be matched with tier players similar to other servers.

• Those players who leave the match immediately after starting. The match will be banned from finding matches for some time.

• Another important change is that the players will be able to report to other players even after they die in a match. New commands will also be added in quick chat.

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Updated: February 21, 2019 — 7:25 pm

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