Trick to Convert BP Coins to UC Cash in Pubg Mobile Game for purchasing Royal Elite Pass Season 5

How to Convert BP Coins to  Cash in PUBG Mobile.

To get unlimited UC and Elite Royal Pass, go to PUBG Mobile link below.

•  By completing matches and completing the mission, the UC (unknown currency) can be earned in simple ways.

•  Here are some ways to earn / buy:

•  You can buy it from the store, the best time to buy them is the period of international festival (pre Christmas, during the New Year).

•  Earning it through the elite Royale battle, is a bit complicated like this:

•  First you need to buy uc so that you can become a pass member.

•  Then it gives oppurtunity to take you through the war faster as you unlock special campaigns.

•  To upgrade rank. You can get some uc for free by this.

•  PUBG Mobile is offering 150 UCs for every player of South Korea’s Player-UZ Battleground.

•  They enter the game till July 28, 2018. UC is a form of pub’s credit or game currency. At present, the price of each 60 UC is equal to $ 0.99 or 50 PHP.

•  Need to connect to South Korean IP address

•  You can do this by using VPN. There are so many free VPNs on the internet and the safest is a Avast Secureline which has 7 free trial.
•  Which you can use for activation. It is available on every platform from Windows, iOS, Android to MacOS.

•  150 UC can be redeemed from the game lobby, built-in inbox message in the PUBG game.

•  Download Avast Securel for your device.

•  For mobile, find it on the Google Playstorefor App Store for Android and iOS.

•  Install and open Avast Secureline VPN.

•  To change the country, click Change Location.

•  Select South Korea.

•  Once connected, open PUBG Mobile.

•  In the top right of the lobby, click / tap on the inbox message, then open the message with an apology theme for everyone.

•  To get your 150 cash, click on the collect.

•   With 150 UC cache, you can now buy some great items at the shop.

To Convert BP Coins to UC Cash in Pubg mobile game click here 

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Updated: February 21, 2019 — 7:24 pm

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